Badges (Jessica Jess)

Sgt. Furie said:

Pvt. Jess is the newest member of EP2S1 and yet the reputation she brings is spectacular for how short her service has been so far. Yes she is mute, yes she just wiped out your entire squad and yes she did it while typing and reporting the position of each of your squad members. How does she do it? I have absolutely no clue, I know I certainly couldn't do it. She has been constantly active within the company, guesting drills all over the place and mercilessly killing us all. Interestingly she has a morbid fascination in killing a certain platoon sniper and she has actually managed to do that......several times in fact. And because she has worked so hard in the company we have decided that she has rightfully earned her Rifle Marksman Badge and her Expert Infantry Badge. Congrats Pvt. Jess!


  • Very well deserved Jess, keep it up youll get PFC eventually!

  • Well deserved. Nice work Jess.

  • Very well deserved great job keep up the good work

  • Heck of a way to start your 29th career, keep it up!

  • I'll congratulate you when you stop killing me. Deal? Congrats!

  • Well done Jess, keep up the great work!

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    I just saw these! You guys are the best! Thanks for all the congrats :D and what Sgt. Furie said made me laugh. Also T/5 Evarts, as much as I make it an objective to kill you, I'm more than happy to support you on the same team! Thanks again everyone! Going to keep trying my best! And especially thank you to Sgt. Furie for everything.

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