Five Years Of Service (Christian Runing)

Cpl.Baron said:

Sgt. Runing In the 29th it is not common for people to stay around for as long as Sgt. Runing has. He has been one of the most committed people in the unit that I know of, now officially serving for 5 years and unofficially for 8 years. He has made the 29th his home and you can really see that if you’ve been around him for more than 5 minutes. He’s like a big friendly bear, hairy like one too, he’s taken care of EP1S1 and BP2S3 before that, raising squads of the best people I have known in my time. Anywhere that this Sgt goes he is sure to bring a cheery atmosphere and he will welcome you to the jungle like no one else has. On the battlefield he loves his heavy weapons but his trusty Kalashnikov is always with him where possible, screaming in battle like a true Dane his shout is enough to route the enemy. Personally I have known Sgt. Runing for over 3 years now and couldn’t be happier that he persuaded me to join his squad. Through the power of Cheeki Breeki I present Sgt. Runing with his 10th AOCC. Well done Sgt. Runing. I still can’t believe they let this madman become a Sgt. Salute


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