Award (Jamie N. Stray)

FSgt. Balzer said:

During Co. Drills on 1 Dec. 2019, CP2S1 under the command of WO1 Stray were tasked with defending a small town just off the main road on Ruha. CP2S1 acting as Greenfor Insurgents attempted to hold off the rest of Charlie Company(Bluefor) in an Isolated Squad Scenario (ISS). CP2S1 scored some hits with Light AT(RPG-75) on Bluefor's MRAPS and stymied the push of its overwhelming force with small arms fire. Bluefor reorganized and began pushing closer and closer to the farmstead CP2S1 was holding. Through weight of numbers, accurate fire, harassment from a MH-6 Littlebird and determined charges, Bluefor pushed ever closer. After 20 minutes of fierce fighting the defending team were whittled down to just two, they were WO1 Stray and PFC Tedik.

WO1 Stray and PFC Tedik were in a two story building that had become known as "HQ" and it was located on the north side of town just on the border of the ceded territory and the contested territory. It was here in this building they dug in and gave the enemy hell. Outnumbered eight to one and with three more in a circling little bird they appeared doomed to follow their already devastated team to their graves. With much of Bluefor's leadership fell in the fields assaulting the farmstead, Bluefor attempted to throw grenades through windows and rush the "HQ". The first few Bluefor attempted to rush the WO1 Stray and PFC Tedik only to be gunned down in the first floor entrance. While dodging room to room to avoid the sporadic grenades tossed in the second floor windows where they defended. Several Bluefor attempted to rally and pushed in to the first floor lobby at the base of the stairs to the second floor. Smokes and grenades were thrown up the stairs and several organized rushes were attempted. Eventually, the majority of the Bluefor assaulting team was eliminated by the WO1 and PFC Tedik. At this time the MH-6 Littlebird attempted to land 300-400m east of the objective behind a small stand of trees. Unluckily for them WO1 Stray had a firing angle and wounded all of them as they attempted to push towards the HQ.

WO1 Stray and PFC Tedik looked like they has survived the shrapnel of many grenades and the bullets of may times their number. While a few attackers were able to limp away from the HQ, many were not. While the "HQ" building does deserve some praise in this defense, the situational awareness, tenacity, determination and personal skill shown by Warrant Officer One Stray and Private First Class Tedik were recognized by all.


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