Six Months of Service (McLean G. Burlock) 

Sgt. Furie said:

Well the time has come, 6 months with PFC Burlock constantly nagging me before drills if he has enough time to grab a Timmies. This guy is 90% Timmies, 7% Canadian Maple Syrup, and 2% Mall Cop, and the other 1% is something one can only describe as a sack of flesh and bones. PFC Burlock first joined EP2S2 when I was the ASL but left due to a condition called Lackoftimmieitis. Now hes back and smartly rejoined my squad because he knows what it is all aboot, eh! Having dealt with this hoser for 6 months I can tell you that I just might need some Timmies myself eh! Nah we kid, hes awesome, a hard worker and devoted man who has been helping EP2S1 grow into the great squad it is now. So congrats PFC Burlock on your 6 months, your first AOCC, now Take Off, Take off to the Great White North, ya hoser!


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