Promotion (Eric J. Curran) 

TSgt. Dethfield said:

When EP4 was first open, we gave Sgt. Curran a big task ahead of him. He had to learn to ropes of platoon HQ, learn to his role as a platoon sergeant, and help build a brand new platoon at the same time. Just as he had nearly completed this task, we then shuffled him over to EP2 in an effort to help the platoon prepare for the scrim, which itself was somewhat more complex than the previous scrim Easy Company had just participated in - and he had to do this while getting to know another platoon. It has clearly been a wild four months for Sgt. Curran, but it seems we picked the right person to dump all of this on. He has done everything he can to learn the ropes, adjust to his new role and is a perfect fit for our expectations of platoon sergeant. At this point, I no longer have to worry about him, hold his hand, or look over his shoulder constantly to make sure he isn't doing something silly. At this point, it is time to award him his first rocker. Congratulation, SSgt. Curran. You are a big boy now.



Know Ye, that reposing special trust and
confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

Eric J. Curran       974030484      EP2 HQ

I do promote him to Staff Sergeant in the


to rank as such from the 16th day of December 2019 .

You are charged to discharge carefully and diligently the duties of the grade to which promoted and to uphold the traditions and standards of the Army.

Effective with this promotion you are charged to execute diligently your special skills with a high degree of technical proficiency and to maintain standards of performance, moral courage and dedication to the Army which will serve as outstanding examples to your fellow soldiers. You are charged to observe and follow the orders and directions given by superiors acting according to the law, articles and rules governing the discipline of the Army. Your unfailing trust in superiors and loyalty to your peers will significantly contribute to the readiness and honor of the United States Army.


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