Four Years and Six Months of Service (Mark Gorski)

Sgt. Vos said:

Mean Clean Killing Machine, is the name of the game for PFC Gorski. Sometimes he may be asked to hang back and support his boys with suppression fire, once in a while. The fire he puts down is insanely accurate and perfectly timed. Not only can he do that, but he also has the knack to get cha in the back. He is aggressive and smart. He is a trooper for S2. We've seen many cases of him at the top of the leaderboards. He is helpful with knowledge, when it comes to improving others. And last but not least he is a solid guy. These are many of the things we love to see in the 29th. Thank you for your service for the last 4.5 years. Its been a pleasure to fight alongside you. Congrats on your 9th AoCC.


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