Badge (Andrew C. Bat) 

Cpl. Deb said:

Private Bat has been a golden member of mine for the three and a half months I have had him. He had perfect attendance for the first three months which gave him a lot of time to practice his rifle skills. With all this time, Pvt. Bat has perfected his abilities to be a marksman with his rifle. Private Bat can be a deadly adversary in battle with his ability to pick off multiple targets from both close and far. During DBotS, this was shown to Cpl. Kent and I. Private Bat was able to secure one to two kills on average in the highly competitive scenarios. Without these important kills, the squad might not have been able to get to the finals. With this all said, Pvt. Bat is receiving his Rifle Marksmen Badge. Congratulations, Pvt. Bat. Keep up the amazing work.


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