Badge (Luke M. Scovel) 

PFC Greeves said:

Pvt. Scovel has made a name for himself very early on amidst the squad as a pleasant surprise of a good shot during his first few drills, clearly foreshadowing what was inevitably to come. Whether it is with a tried and true M14, trusty Mosin-Nagant or any requisitioned rifle he is allowed to get his hands on, Pvt. Scovel can be counted on to land some impressive kill shots at even more impressive distances on a reliable basis. As such, I find myself extremely fortunate and glad to be on his side when he sets his sights up on a sniper perch. As his experience within public servers using various rifles to deadly effect clearly shows within the drills he attends and guests, leadership has seen it fit to grant him a well-earned Rifle Marksman Badge. It is with pride and joy that I want to congratulate you on achieving this important milestone, Pvt. Scovel. Keep up the deadly work out on the battlefield. May your bullets fly a true flight and your sights be locked EVER FORWARD!


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