One Year of Service (Joshua S. Evarts) 

Cpl. Mellinger said:

Excellent. There is no better word to describe T/5 Evarts. No matter what it is, T/5 Evarts will be one of the best at whatever he does. He has a vast amount of jobs and helps in any way possible he can. We all know he is a god when it comes FPS games. He has earned a spot as a platoon sniper and was awarded a Silver Star very early in his 29th career. He has also earned a spot in his first scrim which took a lot of effort and determination to get. Almost everyone will talk about how good he is at shooting people but. the aspect I admire most of him is how affable he is. I have never once seen him turn down an opportunity to make a friend, no matter who the person is. It's a shame he has decided to be a sniper, the one guy everybody hates. Even though he may be hated by his enemies who are at the mercy of his FPS, he is always open to give tips on how to get good and attempt to kill him. Jokes aside, T/5 Evarts is nothing short of a great friend and a fantastic squad member. For his first year of service, I would say this is probably one of the most successful first years any member has had here in the 29th. Congratulations on your first year in the 29th and I hope to see many years in the future.


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