Three Years and Six Months of Service (Jeffrey D. Bengtsson)

Sgt. Miochevich said:

PFC Bengtsson, an old veteran of DP1S2, is well known to all in DP1, and someone I can always depend on. His skills with SMGs and shotguns are equaled by few in our platoon, and I know that when I send him on a mission, he will fulfill it - and leave behind a trail of dead foes. Not only that, this man knows how to pair up with people to work towards a great goal, and this is something that makes him a great asset to our unit. PFC Bengtsson is one of the members still present from when I've just arrived to DP1S2 and someone we can all connect with. As he has been here with us for three and a half years, it is my great pleasure to award him his 7th Army of Occupation Medal. Congratulations, PFC!


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