Six Years of Service (Adam D. Rodd)

PFC Fallenty said:

CP2's platoon sniper, PFC Rodd. A name is known by many, to the point where even new privates get familiar with this fella quickly. A man of the highest standard, his attendance shines brightly as a star, his shot is deadlier than an Inland Taipan's venom, and to top it all off, 6 solid years of service on record. In terms of time served, in Squad Two alone he's second only to a certain T/4. He's gathered so many awards that we should be looking for a bigger jacket.

For six years of service, I'm honoured to present to you your 12th Army of Occupation Medal and 3rd World War I Victory Medal. Hope they don't start to weigh you down in the field, Congratulations.


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