Ten Years of Service (Thimo R. Friesenhan)

Sgt. Miochevich said:

It is rare to see someone reach 10 years of service in the 29th Infantry Division, and when you do... there's always a lot to ask them. Being in squad with someone who has served for that long is like having a witness of a time long gone, a person who has seen and experienced almost, if not everything this unit has to offer. These people are a rare kind, and T/5 Friesenhan has now officially joined the club. Despite being here for 10 years, T/5 Friesenhan is a person who still manages to find time to regularly attend our drills and help his squad with his great combat engineer skills. This man is someone I am truly proud to have in my squad, and it is my great pleasure to award him his 20th Army of Occupation Medal, along with his 5th WWI Victory Medal. Congratulations, old man, well done!


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