One Year of Service (Nathan W. Wells)

Sgt. Dott said:

If a scientist were to come up to me and say "I've figured out how to perfectly clone a human and I've found the ideal candidate for cloning: PFC Wells," I would shoot the scientist and hide his corpse before anybody had a chance to discover the crime. One PFC Wells is more than enough for this world. His endless supply of energy combined with his limitless optimism and unstoppable pursuit of all information, means we do not need more than one of him. In fact, if there were two of him, I fear it would cause a supernova to occur when they met. And just think, this is what we know PFC Wells is capable of after him being in the 29th for only a single year. In the years to come perhaps we will not need a second PFC Wells for that supernova to occur... Congratulations, PFC Wells, on your 2nd AOCC!


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