Two Years of Service (Fabian G. Yukki)

PFC Griffin said:

With T/5 Yukki now on his 5th Tour with the 29th, it came as a suprise to me that he doesn't yet have any rainbow ribbons to snazz up his service coat, well now comes the day where we can make that possible!


Whilst T/5 Yukki is well known for his great game skill and colourful humour, it should also be noted that he has become a great friend and advisor to me as a new SL of DP1S3 with his in depth knowledge of the 29th and it processes. He certainly puts more than his fair share of spare time, outside of drills into supporting the 29th both as DP1's Platoon Clerk and a number of Office Positions.


With all that said, we hope you stick around! Congratualtions on your 4th AOCC & 1st Rainbow Ribbon!



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