Three Years and Six Months of Service (Dmytro Ental)

Cpl. Knezevic said:

Its been quite some time ever since PFC Ental enlisted. Constantly improving and polishing his skills ever since day one, it is no wonder why a lot of people know him, and do not want to face against him in combat. For me, it seems like we know each other forever, as i enlisted half a year after him, and we've usually always been in the same squads, save for a few short instances. Not much people tend to spend this long time in the unit, and spending three years and six months is quite an achievement, and right now, i do not think its possible to think of DP1S1 without at least partially mentioning PFC Ental. Congratulations on your 7th AoCC, PFC Ental! 6 more months to go for double rainbow.


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