One year of service (Michael Abramovich)

Cpl. J. Wright said:

PFC Abramovich has been with S2 since beginning his 29th career one year ago. When I first joined S2 he asked me if I would pub with him. So I agreed, we jumped onto TS3 and drove armour vehicles. I learnt two things right away about Abramovich. He is welcoming of recruits who just joined his squad and he can't drive... His career may have not been the easiest but with this hardship and struggle has made him more patient, mature and resilient. I always considered myself as somewhat of a big brother to Abra and feel responsible for his growth within the 29th, many can see it as being harash but in reallity I know he has the potental of becoming a great guy and it would be soul crushing to see him not explore that potential and become the archctype he is destined for. So I hope i get to write more of theses as he nagivates his way through the 29th and that he works on fullfilling his true potential. Good luck and well done on your second AOCC


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