Six Months of Service (Ernst G. Altnorthoff) 

Cpl. Deb said:

In six months, Private, First Class Altnorthoff has made quite a name for himself. Starting off right at the beginning of PFC Altnorthoff's 29th career, when he was a simple private, he made himself distinctive to Platoon HQ. He became active within the platoon and earned the nickname SPAM. Over time, he made himself distinguished with his rifle skill and proved to me, and platoon HQ, that he was was ready to be a PFC. Following his promotion to PFC, The first DBotS went on. This PFC once again proved himself by being a key element in the success of the squad. Without him, the squad might not have made it to the finals. With this all said, PFC Altnorthoff is being awarded his first AOCC. Congratulations, PFC Altnorthoff, and keep it up!


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