One Year and Six Months of Service (William G. Devereaux) 

Sgt. Brenholen said:

Cpl. Devereaux has been in the 29th for a year and a half earning himself his 3rd AOCC. I have known this man since his BCT and now all the way to a Cpl. Honestly, way back like those days of Dog CO a year and a half ago, things were different; we did not have many leaders. To quote Full Metal, when I say "Like those Days" it does not mean I want to go back. Things were different and tougher. Dog had been around for about 8 months and had growing pains. Since he has been in though, I realized he is a humble person and his personality makes our Platoon better as a whole, and I will always be grateful for the kindness he shows. Congratulations on your time here Dex. Be sure to stay around.


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