Award (Daniel F. Castellano) 

Cpl. Deb said:

Private, First Class Castellano is one of the best PFC's I have ever met. His determination and willingness to help and support the unit is unfathomable. PFC Castle works in Quartermaster to help edit videos for the YouTube channel. PFC Castle also guests like crazy. He guests an average of four drills per week. This does not include squad, platoon, and company drills, which he always attends. This means PFC Castle attends seven drills per week, or one a day. This PFC does not stop, and I do not think anyone can teach him how to either. With these countless hours PFC Castle puts into the unit, I am proud to say that PFC Castellano has received his first Good Conduct Medal. Congratulations, PFC. This was well deserved, and keep it up!


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