Looking for help before BCT starts

Hello there brothers in arms. My name is Pvt. Dracocardos. I was a member of the 29th briefly back in 2016 although back then I was called Pvt. Drake. This time around I decided to use my real name as I have seen at least one other Drake already in the 29th and I wanted to avoid possible confusion.

Anyway, last time I was a member there were a few problems. Firstly there was an issue with my mic setup and my voice was always heard doubled and there were a few issues with me not being able to do certain things due to incorrect setup of certain key bindings.

I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to join me on an Arma 3 server before BCT starts this evening just to run me through the most used key bindings that I will need and also to comment on whether my mic comes across correctly in game so that I can sort out any issues before we start. I don't want to be that guy who cuts into our BCT time while I am trying to sort out game configurations during BCT.

Any takers?


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