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29th Infantry Division Operations Corps Presents: Dynamic Take and Secure Hosted by Charlie Company

On Sunday, August 16th, 7pm EST, Operations Corps and Charlie Company will be hosting a Dynamic Take and Secure, or "DTAS" for short. In this mode, players will be split up into two teams where one is ordered to take a specific objective while the other must stop the other team at all costs. Just like most other cap based objectives, the more attackers in the objective zone, the faster the objective is capped, thus making sure you stay alive is much more important than in other game modes. Every few rounds will see a full team swap and objective swap to keep things fresh and ever changing. Equipment which is used will also vary based on your team and the role in which you play.

To consult with further rules of this game mode, please see this link.. Lastly, there are a variety of white-listed, optional mods that can be used for this event. Keep in mind that these mods are optional and are not needed. They can be found collectively on Play With Six to be downloaded individually.

This is a great opportunity for 29th ID members from Able and Baker Company to come together to experience what realism driven, 29th ID gameplay means in Arma3, and a great opportunity for public gameplay to find out how the 29th ID go about their buisness. On Behalf of the Operations Corps and the 29th Infantry Division, I hope to see you on the battlefield!

Ever Forward,


Cpl. Fritz

Chief of Operations Corps


  • If I get back from the shore before hand, this is something that I'm going to want to be at! I know a lot of guys in Able play Arma frequently, I hope to see you there.

  • As long as my computer can keep its Frames up, I'll be there!

  • This is a yes, i'll be there.

  • We're looking to make this a weekly thing to take place before Company drills, so the more people the better!

  • This is Vanilla ARMA3, there are are optional mods(whitelisted) but no mods are necessary to play. Quick(8-15 minute max) rounds of PvP, capture the position, wide selection of rolls and simple interface. This is straight up shoot out mission, quick and dirty. If you are thinking a hours long Arma3 mission, think again. This is Squad based tactics, with the immersion, vast complexity and equipment of Arma3, mixed with a simple game style we are all familiar with!

  • For my first forray into Charlie, that was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Mad fun tonight guys! I'm glad we ended up with so many folks!

  • Same boat as Cpl. Fritz, first time playing with Charlie and I really enjoyed it!

  • Was out of town, going to try and make the next one. Sounds like lots of fun

  • Bumping this badboy for visibility. We are on again for this Sunday at 7pm est. Charlie will be in until about 830 est (Company drills at 9pm est), so get gettin' while the gettin' is good. We wanna fill that server. Bring friends, family, Steve from down the street!

  • Charlie Pub Night will be cancelled this Sunday (8/30) in lieu of SSgt. Bergstrom's OSC Scrim. 29th members should feel free to join us there instead! Charlie needs to be in TS by 730pm est and Able & Baker can be in TS by 745pm est and we should be rolling by 8pm est. Check this link for more info.

  • edited August 2015

    Seeing as how the OSC Scrim has been postponed, Charlie Pub Night is back on! Kick off at 7pm est on the Battalion server (IP: port: 2302).

  • Charlie Pub Night is cancelled tonight due to the holiday weekend. Have fun and see you all next week!

  • Charlie Pub Night is cancelled tonight (9/13).

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