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Chris Robert's spiritual successor to his Wing Commander series (And to a lesser extent Freelancer) is starting to gain some momentum once again. After a very successful kickstarter back in 2012/13 the dream of a fully immersive free-to-play online space RPG/FPS/Sim was born. It took a bloody long time for anything to come of it but finally we are seeing some interesting developments.

Aside from the hanger which you have been able to view some of your ships in for quite a while now, CIG (The developers) have released some interesting footage about what they hope their explosions will look like in-game:

On top of that they have released an interesting teaser for their FPS module, Squadron 42, starring Gary Oldman:

At the moment the game is early pre-alpha internal testing. Backers have been able to "pledge" to the game by purchasing ship packages that include the ship concept, the game and a few other bits depending on what ship is purchased. Once the game goes live (Public alpha that is), backers will have immediate access. At the moment all there is is a hanger to walk around, a combat flight sim and the social module where you walk around a pretty set piece.

What we have seen so far indicates a project that, if delivered, will blow any other game of its type out of the water. Chris Roberts is claiming alot with this one, and aside from project delays, he has yet to disappoint.

Right now if you set up an account on the RSI website ( and pledge your support you can get 5,000 UEC (In game currency) using a referral code (I am linking my one, if you have friends who already have the game, get them to send you one so they get nice things). There are already a few people in the 29th who have pledged to Star Citizen in preparation for its eventual launch. If it is all that it promises, having a large 29th presence on this game would be amazing.

Referral code: STAR-WSLG-WXSP


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    @PFC Gillespie all of that is conjecture and baseless accusation.

    Nobody has any solid proof of it either way. Technically both parties could be right, and I could not care less so long as the game is made as intended.

    This article by Forbes sums it all up quite nicely:

    I cannot speak for their merits as a journal but the point stands regardless, "My issue with all of this has become how everyone is accepting assumption and speculation as truth. I don’t trust anyone involved. I don’t take CIG’s word for it and I don’t take accusations made by former employees or Derek Smart with anything but the hugest spoonful of salt. The proof is in the pudding and we don’t have any pudding yet."

    I have put all my opinion on the game (And I say "game" because I do not much care for Mr Roberts or this Mr. Smart) on what material has been released for the game so far. And so far it looks pretty promising, I mean come on, you do not go and hire an all-star cast for a game you are never planning on releasing, though I suppose you could...

    So basically, everything on the internet is lies and slander and you have to trust what solid tangible evidence you have.

  • That explosions video. I can already feel the waves of FPS dropping on my computer from here. My wallet is calling for a PC upgrade for when this game is actually fully released.

  • I made a organization with 29th ID as the ticker, there is a few other 29thers it atm but apart from that is is just a place holder.

    If anyone is interested doing SC stuff with the 29th as a whole and has some ideas for stuff we could do let me know.

  • Come on guys, we have Gary Oldman here! Do you know who this should appeal to?

  • Star Citizen has now hit over 1 million players:

  • I still have a unit with the 29th ID Tag reserved, If anyone wants to be in the unit, or be put down as potential leaders let me know.

    I'm not sure what the unit could be in terms of playstyle so if you have any ideas post them here.

  • @PFC Reese said:
    For those interested, Star Citizen is free to play until Oct. 31.
  • Just a little more on SC, I am building a dedicated 4 man crew for a Constellation Aquila, we already have the ship and 2 crew, so two slots remain. I am trying to keep crew within the 29th so we can create the most bad ass crew in star citizen history. The ship is easily large enough to drop a platoon sized element or a squad and vehicles.

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    3.6 PTU is now open to all backers!

    As of 7/20/2019 is open to all owners.

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