[Civil Affairs] Donner - Whats That?

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What's that? - Donner

Hey! What's that?

This? Oh it's Donner.

What? A Kebab?

No. That's Döner. Donner is a map.

Oh ok. What game is it from?

Not just one game, loads of 'em! It started back in DoD and was one of the 29th IDs favorite maps back then. After the move to DH, it was ported over by Cpt. Cranston and utilized as both a pre-drill warmup map and a public map for the servers. Now you can find it in RO2 and its western front mod as well, having been ported over once more, this time by Cpl. Veld.

Ohhh, yeah I played that the other day, my Platoon Sergeant keeps switching to it before drills.

Your platoon sergeant is upholding the best traditions of the 29th then!

So it's just an old map that senior 29thers have nostalgia for?

It's a little more than that!

How so?

Well, in its earliest form in DoD, it was a normal map. In DH, it is governed by a whole host of extra rules and 29th Lore, which in turn has seeped through into RO2.

Like what?

One of the cardinal rules of Donner in DH is that iron-sighting wasn't allowed for example.

Eh? Why ever not?

Well, partly to help practice hip shooting, which was remarkably effective in DH, but equally to build aggression and learn how to outmaneuver your opponent in Close Quarter Battles, or CQB.

But didn't that just lead to an unruly scrum in the streets in the centre of the map?

No! Because people couldn't sight in, defending a position was particularly difficult and mobility was much more important with groups of fighters pushing to each other's spawns until eliminated.

Any other rules?

Many others were applied on a platoon or company level, like rifles only or even bolt-action rifles only for which separate map versions exist but the other one which carries over into RS is no grenades!

Awwwwwww... But I love grenades!

Yeah, but on a small map like Donner, they are overpowered and kill indiscriminately. They were removed from almost all versions of DH-Donner.

Ok, so how do I get good at Donner?

Aggression and mobility are everything. It's such a small map that you will be quickly overwhelmed by enemies if you stay still. Advance as far as you possibly can and keep moving.

And what if I still just keep being killed by people in one on ones?

Don't worry! Donner was never about skill.

But you said it was a warmup and training map!

Yes, but it is supposed to train the aggressive combat mentality that we in the 29th aim to foster within all of our troops.

But you can't always be aggressive! That's mad, you have to be able to defend too!

That's true, but people naturally choose to be defensive in combat, to minimize risk and to sit back in relative safety. Donner teaches them simply how to be aggressive. It is up to every 29ther to recognize situations where this aggression is necessary.

So Donner is sort of like an ironmongers?

Erm... Maybe?

It gives 29thers the tools, they just have to know when to use the right ones.


Written by: Sgt. Lamb
Edited by: PFC Bruce and Cpl. Langford
Approved by: Bn HQ and Bn S3


  • It's a special place where satchels fly over walls.

  • Donner was more than just a momento, Donner was similar to our current Bois Jacques... It was the map the server switched to by default when the server crashed. When we first moved from DoD to DH the maps were all a bit confusing and having something familiar to get used to the weapons was what donner was at first.

  • Ah donner... How many time have I spend on these maps.
    During my first tour back in Day of Defeat it was one of the most used maps for squad drills.
    It's the map where I learned it all, CQC, building clearance, peeking, strafing, ...

    When we switched to DH it was a great place to keep ourselves familiar. We knew all maps inside out from dod. But DH was all new to us. Donner was a and still is a small map in comparisson with the other maps within DH. Aaargh the good old days.

    Thanks for the write up and nostalgia, Sgt. Lamb!

  • Donner, ah. the memories.

  • Very informative, I would say!

  • edited November 2015

    Well Döner is delicious. If you haven't tasted yet, you're missing a lot then... :D

    Map Donner is solid rock, good for exercising couple of things at the same time...

  • Arma 3 Donner when? ;)

    Great read! Donner Is always best map when ported to any game or mod, DH being no exception.

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