Get rid of the TROLLS once and for all!

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After a hard day's work, I want to unwind on Darkest Hour with my fellow gamers, NOT get annoyed by immature, antisocial, creeps who troll the life out the server and the fun out of the game.

Here is what I recommend:

  1. After 5 team kills, any player gets banned for the remainder of the map. This will force the trolls to wait and possibly just give up and take their antisocial fun elsewhere.

  2. Allow the players to vote to kick the trolls out. After 3 votes, any players should be banned for the remainder of the map.

With these 2 propositions, the server should remain relatively troll-free, even when the admins are not present to enforce the rules.

Who agrees with me?


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    Oh, I forgot to mention that the trolling mostly happens on evenings when the admins are absent, hence the need to let the players deal with the trolls through "legal" means (not revenge/self-defense team kills).

  • Thanks for your interest in keeping the public server free of trolls, this is something we ourselves have been working on hard as of late, as a reply to your reccomendations:

    The vote kick system was abused in the past so it was disabled.

    Session banning for team kills was something I experimented with in the past but it led to alot of inocent guys being kicked out for the whole game after their team would push into their arty strike. Or being kicked out a long map like Putot or Berlin after getting 5 team kills over the period of an hour. (Which when your tanking is not alot.)

    Your best bet is to add the DH server admins on steam friends and let them know when there are trouble makers, we always respond quickly to reports of trolls. You can find the contact details in this post here:

    Another option is to jump on ts if you have a report of a troll, there is bound to be an admin online who can assist you with your report. Our TS details are: PW: 29th

    Finally whenever you encounter a troll always make sure to use the list players command in console to get their ROID (Red Orchestra ID) and name, this helps us greatly when dealing with them.

  • Thank you for your reply, Cpt. Patterson. It makes a lot of sense.

  • Yeah I don't think RO1 had The scalable punishments. You could punish people differently for different kinds of teamkills. Such as gun teamkills counting as 1 teamkill, explosives counting as 0.5 teamkills and artillery counting as 0.1 teamkills. That's what you can do in RO2 and it means if you set the amount of teamkills at 5 people won't be kicked by an unlucky artillery shell falling on team mates. And people don't tend to accidentally shoot 5 people.

    I would reenable Votekicks again though. Just with severe no warning punishments for its abuse. Though your admins wouod need to know the difference between votekick abuse and a mis-understanding.

  • How to use the list players command in console to get their ROID , please ?

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    @LG_Derrick just type list players into the console.

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    Hallo, I was playing last night (10 oktober, between 0:00 and 1:00 GTM) on the Battalion server. Suddenly one guy started shooting in spawn with a Panther His name was "Tuliop" or similar. Teammates tried to kich him out, but a couple af minutes later started a TK war in spawn. I am not sure if the other people made it only as revenge or as self-defence, but surely one guy made is seriously. He took a mg and keeps using it in spawn for long time. Nobody more voted for kiching, but as far as I know it doens't give session ban.
    I took his ROID, and went out. He was: gammli 76561198115469948
    After 10 minutes I returned in server. Neu map, number of players from ~50 to ~35, and he with new names (america_sucks_cock, heil_hitler) didn`t changed his behaviour. Killing with tank. Again people tried to kich him out, but he returned bach. No FFkich limit too, I don't know how many kill he made, I bet 4-5 every minute, for about 20 minutes, until I leave definitive the server.
    I tried to join the Teamspeak, but nobody was there.
    I hope this post can be helpfull. Thanks


  • I'd like to see added the use of a language filter or the ability to squelch voice. There was a player I've seen on three times now, and when he uses voice chat he's has ended up in my opinion foul mouthed. Last time he went on for too long. Maybe someone else remembers warmonger use of your server, I sure do.

  • You should be able to mute individual players under the Communication menu when you hit ESC. If there is no admin on at the time this may be the best option.

  • Luckily on DH the fad of intentional fratricide is related to how a battle ends, wheras some "poor players" refuse to accept any defeat. I specifically noted that these players rarely return to the team they started on. It's most likely these "swap to frat" players are unable to keep emotional and logical control at the behest of uncontrollable events. This is a common mental defficiency with roots in the abuse of others or as a turn-table from themselves. In other words - woman beaters attack women not because they hate women, but because they hate loosing control. Sometimes because their parents attacked them frequently and they just learned to react this way.

    It is SO important to NOT REACT to this type of illogical anger, but set a calm and open minded angle that promotes forgiveness and an open heart. These people are not evil per say, they are just poorly tooled to cope with these social situations - only time and experience can give them a chance to grow.

    A bit aside from my intentional topic, there is no fully effective software that will block all intentional verbal insults or derrogations. After 2 years of using an algorythm that separates alphanumeric characters into lexic arguments its clear that most people who want to insult you will do anything in their power to evade the block and will eventually succeed. Wheras players can't say simple words like "saturday" but will be able to say things like "4skn" and so forth (as a natural example). In my years of experience the higher the bar you set on a lexic pass, the more random swears are created and the less actual words you get to use. That and people will definetely use the voice chat instead. I used mute and cap scripts with greater success in general, and only banned main-stream insults that arent generally swears. The max speaking time was 12.25 seconds and the recharge time was 2.5 : 1.

  • Apologies for the thread necromancy, but I also wanted to apologize for my profanity-laced tirade yesterday (Sunday the 26th). Was in a bad mood and managed to allow myself to be trolled by someone who, in retrospect was probably a well-known troll playing under one of his many sock-puppets. No excuse, though, I was momentary annoyed and shouldn't have hit the mic button.

  • Although this is a good idea, I think it would be better if players with recent offenses to have longer respawn times.

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    In the future I will reconsider my forum behaviour and refrain from posting monosyllabic nonsense that permeates the impression that I am discombobulated.

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