My Apologies and unban request

edited February 2016 in Ban Disputes


Actually, I just want to know who banned me and why. If you could tell me those two things, you won't see me again, ever. :)


  • It says my ip address is banned from the server but I use constant dynamic VPNS, so your servers don't ban ip addresses. But I can post anything I want to, as much as I want to on these forums, any time I want. :) And you'll never know my real ip address ;)

  • You were banned because of a server crash with the ban logs imported from a previous list from your last ban back in July. If you had just posted a normal ban dispute, you would have been unbanned with no problem. But now, you can stay banned

  • well I'd at least like to give an apology for those immature insults. I posted a normal ban dispute but got really drunk last night and ruined it. dont know why i raged here, but i did. My fault :S

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