Unbanned - Wouter038

So i was on a match i forget the name but i was trying to clear a barbed wire line with my satchel charges, i was on the left side two engineers were on the right. Sgt Middel from 29th asks for engineer help so they can blast through some barbed wire, thinking the left side isnt clear and they have two engineers already i dont move flank. All of a sudden the team gets pissed off an starts saying the engineers are fucking worthless, i say well im on the left side getting shot by mg's i want to get through but i keep geting killed help me out on the left. They curse some more i curse, sgt middel says i should leave the slot if im so incompetent. And then i get the notification that i got banned by sgt middel that just joined as admin.

In my opinion i was being a bit of a dick but not to anyone that just played i said stuff at the same people that said stuff about me.


  • Hello, can you please follow the instructions posted here to dispute your ban. Thank you.

  • My bad i didnt see the instructions.

    Darkest hour.



    sgt van Middel

    reason see top.

    reason for revoking ban: I cursed once or twice, i received no warning that i shouldnt curse or any instructions. I was only told to leave the class if i was so incompetent, also the guys that were cursing at me werent told anything either. The admin disagreed with my opinion and banned me not for the map duration map but an ip ban.

  • Still need your ROID.

  • Right, so I don't see you on the banlog so it must have been a session ban. You should be able to to join and play. However, be mindful of the teams needs. Also, just because other players are cursing or doing something that breaks our rules doesn't mean you should join them. It just makes you look just as bad as them and admins, as you saw, deal with those issues.

    For your reference, all of our server rules can be found here.

  • Thanks alot man i appreciate it, it however wasnt a session ban it said it was an ip ban, yeah you are right about that it just pissed me off . again thanks i appreciate it.

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