Unbanned - Bakers

Which Game were you banned on? Darkest Hour
Date/Time of Ban: 7:00 PM December 12th?
Name you used when banned: Pvt. Bakers [29th ID}
Admin who banned you: Unknown
Why were you banned: Well, I am NOW aware I was banned for the name I was under, I literally just bought RO and got on and changed my name to it. Lasted 2 seconds and without warning I was "IP banned"
Why should you be unbanned: I now understand why I shouldn't try impersonating a 29th Member, I respect the 29th I would of switched the name if I was told to. I simply just want to enjoy the game with everyone else. I haven't figured out how to get unbanned until now. So I politely ask you to unban me from the 29th Public server on DH


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