Atlas Reactor - 4v4 Turn Based Moba (also Free to Play)

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Alright, so I tried out this game called Atlas Reactor during the closed alpha and found it very interesting and addictive. Open Beta is starting 31/3, so I thought I might as well recommend this game here since it's a lot more fun if we could play with a team of four.

Short description: Xcom meets Dota.

It is turned based, but all turns play out simultaneous. All 8 players choose their actions, playing different characters with very different skills, and then the actions all play out at the same time. This means that you'll have to predict where the enemies will be or your attack might miss. There are stealthy characters, tanky characters, buffing characters, healers etc. Lots of fun, and definitely worth trying out. Remember to tell me if you try it, so we can play together!

Here's a vid


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