The Best Part Of The 29th

Hello Again 29th,

On This Page, Feel Free To Post What You Love The Most About The 29th As We All Have Different Reasons Yet We All Enjoy It.




  • The best part of the 29th is the people. As a member of the 29th I have met interesting and friendly people from all over the world.

  • +1 on what CW3 Hill said, I'm here mostly for the people.

  • I agree. The people are all very nice, I've yet to meet someone in the 29th who I dislike :)

  • It's nice to see that we all have different reasons yet we all love the 29th

  • The best part is probably me.

  • The organisation and how the community works together to achieve the best feeling of being in a realism unit.

  • I love the people and the scenarios. I have always enjoyed strategies and playing FPS shooters. Playing with people who enjoy the same thing just makes it that much more fun. I also am a die hard for competitive game play and I believe 1 life realism is the most challenging thing you could come up against. I'm here to challenge myself in being the best player I can be and making as many friends as I can.

  • The people, the great community that we surround ourselfs in and of course the Drills and the Scrims. I also love the team work and how so many people from all around the world that have never met each other (for most of us) can work together so well! It just really makes my day. The 29th is the best thing I've ever experienced since I started my gaming adventure.

  • Wow, I didn't expect this many responses, Keep them coming.

  • That no matter what company you are placed under or what squad you are in, your still part of the family. The game play whether its pub play having fun, or drill scenarios were your learning new skills but still having a lot of fun with your squad. Overall its just a good time and fun to even sit in teamspeak or play different games with fellow 29th members.

  • Definitely the people are one of the key things... But I would add self-improvement on top of that. This unit offers it on different levels, and that's something I absolutely love.

  • The best part? I get to meet interesting people, like that Sgt. who you thought would be about 40 years old but is actually about 50-60 instead
    Or that crazy dude from a 3rd world country who is actually a deranged psychopath

  • There is also a lot of fame, wealth and women that inevitably come with the service, but yeah, people here are not to bad!

  • @T5 Lacey said:
    I agree. The people are all very nice, I've yet to meet someone in the 29th who I dislike :)

    Just give me a couple more months... @T5 Lacey

  • Definitely the people!

  • for me its the organisation. I like things well prep'd and in control. I dont like winging it. 29th dose it all by the book and I love that.

  • Obviously the people!

  • The spirit, the company, the fellowship.

    I mean, you get all the good stuff from being in the military, without actually being in danger! Sweet!

  • The money's good, and the waterskiing!

  • The vintages in the officer's mess are superb. I also enjoy the selection from the humidor. Plus the after dinner entertainment is typically top notch.

  • @2Lt. Bergstrom said:
    I also enjoy the selection from the humidor.

    That's where all my stogies have gone! You're planning on replacing those I hope 2Lt.?

  • I am really glad to be part of 29th ,this people is very nice and helpful and i learned a lot from all of them , and i still have to learn

  • The ability to travel through time, no other job made me go from 1944 to 2035.

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    I love getting to know my platoon-mates, and working to become an efficient fighting force! Honestly, it is pretty cool that 30 random people around the world can come together and operate in a coherent way. Gives me hope for humanity.

    That aside, I now have contacts in England, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia and damn near every country in Europe, which will greatly enrich my travel experiences!

  • i love the fact that i got an asian in my squad! Oh and that asian is me.

  • Probably the part where we all know how to kick the crap out of each other in drills but always have a jolly good chat afterwards with no hard feelings towards one another. And everyone is nice and friendly.

  • Having Friends to play games with you . Everyone is awesome.

    -Private Pear

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    This is a message I found doing some heavy excavation on the old forums. It seems to me that Sgt. Olson was the closest thing to a Noble Prize in Literature Laureate in the 29th.


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