Should I buy Squad?

Hey, I recently saw some gameplay of this game when watching velds 29th division videos and it looked awesome and people say its amazing! Its $40 on steam but its $60AUD for me so its rather expensive for an early access game. But the biggest problem is people say a mic is crucial to enjoy the game and to not get kicked for not having a mic, Sadly I am completely unable to use a mic because I play on a family PC in a family room and I don't even have a mic. I'm just wondering what you guys think. Thanks


  • Communication is a very big part in Squad, as well as the 29th. I suggest finding a way to have a mic despite your current situation.

  • Sadly thats not gonna happen unless Im up at 2 am in the morning and thats very unlikely when I have school the next day. I have come across game suggested to me by a fellow 29th member called Insurgency, Its 20 dollars on steam at the moment. Does anyone have experience with it? Thanks

  • Both games are good and there is enough 29th members who own/ play both that you could party up quick enough meaning no requirement for mic. Squad is more comparable to Arma in terms of scale and teamwork. Insurgency is like a blend of Call of duty and RO2, they went for some realism but, not all out. It really depends what you are looking for in the game, Squad is also in early access so they will keep adding new content as its not 100% finished.

  • Squad is a really good game if you like a mix between ArmA scale and Battlefield-ish gameplay, it's made by a lot of the guys who worked on Project Reality and it is heavily based on it.
    If you intend to play Squad in pub (aka not with a group of 29ther) then a mic really is required, Project Reality was the game that got me to buy a mic because you'll get kicked out of most squads that aren't terrible -- so you'll most likely end up with a group full of smurfs who don't work together, run around alone on the map and just fail their team in general, that's no fun.

    If a mic is completely impossible atm put the game on your watchlist and buy it when you get a mic, Squad will stick around.

    Ins is also nice, a lot smaller in scale and with faster gameplay, like a mix of RO2 and Counter Strike. No mic needed here.

  • Insurgency gets really cheap on sales (i'm talking 3-4$) so wait for a sale and buy it. It's a fun game.

    Squad is great, but not finished. I'd wait a bit before buying it, mic or no mic.

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