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    It was a very close vote (I received another 3 for option A), but the first matchday will be...

    Friday, April 15th, 7pm EST (12am BST)

    In the year 3000, mega-corporations rule the solar system, distracting the masses with the Rocker Superliga. The truly desperate seek a better life by becoming cyborg sports cars. This is their story.
    enter image description here

    Participating carborgs:
    Anderson (Foxhole) (2nd)
    Cosmonaut (2nd)
    Adam (2nd)
    Darkspace (2nd)
    Rocky (2nd)

    Note: Our 5 friends from the 2nd will only play for Mars Rocket Club, due to scheduling.

    Alternates list:
    (If your team is missing a player. You can loan one of these cybercars, if they're available.)

    Zenhenko (not available 15th or 29th)

    Alternate alternates list:


    1) Anyone know someone who'd like to play? We need 2 more players to form 5 teams.
    2) Would we like to make our first session (this Friday) a "preseason" warm-up? It would give people the opportunity to practice, get to know their new teammates, etc.

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    Can't make the 15th or the 29th, so just throw me as an alternative

  • It's looking like we'll go with 4 teams again. I'll post about team formation on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    R.I.P. Moon Palace. (Maybe they'll return in season 3.)

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    Matchday 1: 7pm EST, Friday, April 15 (league matches)
    Matchday 2: 7pm EST, Friday, April 22 (league matches)
    Matchday 3: 7pm EST, Friday, April 29 (league matches)
    Matchday 4: 7pm EST, Friday, May 6 (cup matches)

    The rest might be hardcore TL;DR for some of you. I talk about future seasons at the end.


    Of the original four teams, only three will return. Conrad, Bergstrom, and Scriz are the returning players who had the highest average points-per-match within those teams. Everyone else goes into the hat, except the Mars Rocket Club players. We draw names from the hat to decide the line-ups of Royal Jovian, Neo-Coventryshire, and Oort Cloud City. The drawing order is determined by last season's league placings (RJ-NC-OCC-RJ-NC-OCC).

    We have 13 full participants, so I (Trv) will not go into any hat. I will be the spare 13th player. (Because of this, we probably won't need to call on the alternates list.)

    The teams currently look like this:

    Royal Jovian (RJ)
    - Conrad
    - ????
    - ????

    Neo-Coventryshire (NC)
    - Bergstrom
    - ????
    - ????

    Oort Cloud City (OCC)
    - Scriz a.k.a. Lando Calscrizian
    - ????
    - ????

    Mars Rocket Club (MRC)
    - Anderson (Foxhole)
    - Cosmonaut
    - Adam
    - Darkspace
    - Rocky

    Actually, we'll draw from a bowl, since Bergstrom refuses to let me use his hats.

    Balance rules:
    - Everyone's been sorted into groups based on ping (higher, lower) and playtime/rank (veterans-and-above, pros-and-below).
    - Each team can have a maximum of 1 "high ping" player.
    - Each team must have a minimum of 1 "veteran-and-above" player.
    - Each team can have a maximum of 2 "veteran-and-above" players. (This prevents a repeat of last year's Royal Jovian line-up.)
    - Any rookie-level players must be on a team with 2 "veteran-and-above" players.
    - On one team, the total playtime of the three cars cannot be greater than 800 hours.

    Future seasons, a.k.a. stuff to compete for

    Maybe we can start up again around June, perhaps after the 29th's unit-wide event? Less of a break between seasons might keep up the hype.

  • Lookin forward to it!

  • Just played a random ranked 3v3 match against a team of Conrad-Frank-Balzer. By the end I was the only player on my team.

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    Royal Jovian (RJ)
    - Conrad
    - Patty
    - Balzer

    Neo-Coventryshire (NC)
    - Bergstrom
    - Stear
    - Giruvagen

    Oort Cloud City (OCC)
    - Scriz a.k.a. Lando Calscrizian
    - Zim
    - Frank

    Mars Rocket Club (MRC)
    - Anderson (Foxhole)
    - Cosmonaut
    - Adam
    - Darkspace
    - Rocky


    0) Hey: Don't be a dick.

    1) Can't play? Tell Trv. He will fill in or ask people in the alternates list.

    2) It is the match-winner's responsibility to take a screenshot of the scoreboard (or save a replay, then take a screenshot). If there is no screenshot, the match didn't happen. (It can be played again.)

    3) Disconnections: Keep playing with the bot. If the disconnected player doesn't return, the rest of the matchday will be played with a spare/alternate (if any are available), or a bot.

    4) No forfeits. Goal difference actually matters. (Any forfeits will count as 10-0.)

    5) Disputes: All participating players will vote on any disputes. Trv won't vote except as a tie-breaker. If the dispute is between two teams, they will not get to vote.

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    Thanks for participating, everyone! Matchday 1 lasted an hour and a half.

    - Phariss for Balzer (RJ)
    - Trv for Bergstrom (NC)
    - Adam (MRC) for Stear (NC)
    - bot for Stear (NC) whenever NC faced MRC.

    League table after matchday 1


    Royal Jovian ............ 8 (+20) .. 9
    Mars Rocket Club .... 4 (-4) ..... 9
    Neo-Coventryshire .. 4 (-9) .... 9
    Oort Cloud City ........ 2 (-6) .... 9

  • Due to new job training, I will not be able to attend the matches on the 22nd or the 29th. If need be someone can replace me for this season, and I will just have to join back up for next season as my time permits.

  • Thanks for the update! I'll fill in for you, and I hope your training goes well.

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    Tomorrow, Friday, April 22nd, 7pm EST

    Match day 2 schedule

    As with last time, each two-team party plays 3 games in a row, then forms a new party.

    Blue on left / orange on right

    (1st party)

    Neo-Coventryshire vs Mars Rocket Club
    Oort Cloud City vs Royal Jovian

    (2nd party)

    Royal Jovian vs Neo-Coventryshire
    Mars Rocket Club vs Oort Cloud City

    (3rd party)

    Mars Rocket Club vs Royal Jovian
    Oort Cloud City vs Neo-Coventryshire

    Going by what I've heard from both Oort Cloud and Mars, the league table going into matchday 2 looks like this:


    Royal Jovian ............ 8 (+20) .. 9
    Mars Rocket Club .... 4 (-4) ..... 9
    Neo-Coventryshire .. 4 (-9) .... 9
    Oort Cloud City ........ 2 (-6) .... 9

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    Tonight's match setup:

    enter image description here

    And don't forget to reset all those mutators to default!

  • League table after matchday 1


    Royal Jovian ............ 8 (+20) .. 9
    Mars Rocket Club .... 4 (-4) ..... 9
    Neo-Coventryshire .. 4 (-9) .... 9
    Oort Cloud City ........ 2 (-6) .... 9

    League table after matchday 2

    Royal Jovian ............ 11 (+22) .. 17
    Neo-Coventryshire .. 10 (+1) .... 18
    Oort Cloud City ......... 7 (-9) ..... 18
    Mars Rocket Club ...... 6 (-13) ... 17

    Matchday 2 alternates: Trv for Stear, Dott for Bergstrom, Confer for Frank

    NOTE: I'm missing one screenshot for a Mars vs Jovian match, but it could just be because I calculated all of this when I was super sleepy/intoxicated. (I will be re-calculating soon.) I think Mars and Oort Cloud might be tied. Stay tuned for an update.

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    Last day! Tomorrow (Friday) is the final league matchday, starting at 7pm EST.

    Cup: Let's skip the post-season tournament, originally scheduled for a 4th Friday. I think a knock-out tournament with 4 teams is pretty weird.

    Individual stats (top 5) after 2 matchdays

    (ties in alphabetical order)

    8 Conrad
    6 Giruvagen
    3 Adam
    3 Confer
    3 Cosmonaut
    3 Patty
    3 Scriz
    3 Trv

    26 Conrad
    18 Giruvagen
    13 Adam
    13 Patty
    10 Scriz

    7 Patty
    6 Anderson
    6 Conrad
    6 Giruvagen
    6 Zim

    31 Trv
    13 Phariss
    13 Scriz
    12 Cosmonaut
    11 Rocky

    58 Conrad
    44 Patty
    42 Giruvagen
    34 Adam
    26 Scriz

    _- includes Adam's 6 matches for NC

    • 2 matches missing
    • hopefully Trv didn't miscount_

    Friday/tomorrow 7pm EST

    enter image description here

  • Thanks everyone for participating! More details are coming, but here's the final standings (showing number of wins).

    Congratulations to Royal Jovian for defending their title.

    Final league table

    RJ 19
    NC 13
    MRC 12
    OCC 9

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