Darkest Hour update v7.0.0


To commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the D-day invasion of France, the Darklight Games team is proud to announce the release of v7.0.0!

In keeping with the spirit of the event, this update brings a total of 5 new Normandy levels: Vierville, St-Clement, La Cambe, Dead Man's Corner and Foucarville!
The update also brings a whole bunch of new ear-candy, as we've replaced a dozen weapon sounds and completely replaced the American voices with professional voice recordings! And as always, we've made lots of changes and bug fixes, all of which can be seen in the change log!

We had previously hinted that v7.0.0 would include a brand new squad system and map called Hedgerow Hell; unfortunately, we did not have enough time to finish them for the D-day update. Rest assured that this, and much more, will come in later updates!

See you on the battlefield,
Darklight Games

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  • You can see the entire changelog here

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    No fixes, not a single bug squashed. And once again removed a bunch of textures, or moved them to different packages..

    They actually removed maps too, no reason to do so..

    Sounds very scary.. "Added a quality control system, where we can officially review custom levels for quality, and those that fail will be harder to vote in."

    EDIT: They actually renamed and moved classes again without mentioning it anywhere, I'm going to cry for a week now.

  • I really don't like the new weapon sounds. They all feel somewhat bland and unimpressive.

  • I just tried this update out, very upset about it. Where do I start, first up 5 "new" maps, they aren't new at all, some of them exist for 2 years now, tested out 2 of them, barely any changes. I even wonder if the "map makers" name on the loading screen is the one who made it, don't think so.

    Weapon sounds, was that even properly done? Sounds like Call of Duty Infinite warfare WW2 DLC? The 30 cal. for example, you would think that it got directly moved over from a space game, same with the M1 Carbine, Bren or BAR. The garand however sounds better and so does the Sten, but that's it.

    Reload on the bazooka and panzerschreck, BIG Problem, I cannot imagine searching for about 8-10 seconds for a round in your pockets then loading it nice and calmy into the tube like you got all the time in the world.

    Voice commands are better then it was before, sounds more realistic. All in all, positive factor.

    Removal of maps, I hope they will 'update' them as well and include them back in.
    Same with Verbruggen, the quality control, I know pubbers can be a bit shocking in voting but seriously rather that then having half the maps blocked out cause 'you don't have enough players or people don't like them'

    If I have to rate this update, right now I will give it 2,5/10. Don't get me wrong here, I appreciate the work the developers put in this, but in my opinion, this is just making Darkest Hour die. They should have never updated the game anymore, it was good as it was, now melee is broken, even with the more damage, still broken. Weapon sounds that come from a different universe, zook reloads that are so long you can actually go downstairs and get a drink only to find out you are still reloading. Taking credit for making maps which im not 100% sure they actually made them, since all of those 5 were community maps. The Quality control system is a giant joke in my books, no need for that. Reduced the range and volume of player footstep audio => It was already that bad on moments, why make it even worse? What frustrates me the most is that there were 0,00000 fixes for bugs that were in the game, they only break more stuff. How far can this go?

  • Are they trying to make Darkest Hour die? They seem to be trying incredibly hard to kill it.

    These new updates aren't upgrades to gameplay at all. They're downgrades, kind of like Windows 10.

    5.1 was the best DH, IMO.

  • @PFC Verbruggen said:
    Sounds very scary.. "Added a quality control system, where we can officially review custom levels for quality, and those that fail will be harder to vote in."

    Seriously? If this effects community servers (like ours) and not just official servers I will be very unimpressed. Theel you are not the quality control end all be all, just because you might not like a map doesn't mean it's a bad map. Please, please leave maps alone Theel. For every step forward the updates make they fall back 2.

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    Meh... Big meh...
    Let's not count the bugs.

    Maps --> New maps ? No... Good map, really good maps but community maps. A wall changed there, an AA is now over there, a cap on this side but not a new map. And the "made by Theel" ? Then removed maps ? Ginkel was played sometimes. And Cambes en plaine too (at least by us during several drills ^^)

    Gameplay Changes --> ok

    Audio Changes --> US voices are nice. Weapons sounds: some are nice, some are acceptable but the .30 cal really gets on my nerves... The foot steps: I already had difficulty to hear them, now I guess it's over.
    map voting page and system --> no, no, no if a map is bad, just let the server admin remove it, it's not the Dev's job.

    Infantry Weapons Changes --> here comes the fun...

    ● Anti-tank rockets now take longer to manually reload --> from 7 seconds to 13 seconds for the british and axis zook and 17 seconds for the US zook. SEVETEEN SECONDS !!!!!!! 7 seconds to search where he put his damn rocket, 5 seconds to insert the rocket and 5 seconds to take back the zook with his both hands. Even a tanker in his tiny turret can load a 6 Kg shell faster than that. Sorry but that's a joke... I have a panzershreck ('cause why not, who doesn't ?) and I can do it in 8 seconds...

    ● Anti-tank rockets now take longer to assist-reload --> it takes like 5 seconds.... sorry but it shouldn't take 5 seconds to insert a rocket in the zook and to "plug" it.

    ● Anti-tank rockets are now assist-reloaded automatically if they are resupplied by a teammate and the rocket is shouldered --> maybe a bug, but it doesn't work, I get "X ressuplied you" but it's not assist-reloaded. Pay yourself the 17 sec to reload it.

  • Random crashes...

    Nothing more to say. I do respect the developers, they really put great effort for this game. However, things are not improving, they are going back...

    Yes new content is coming but the gameplay is going worse...

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