The Best Part Of The 29th



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    @PFC Intxaurza said:
    This is a message I found doing some heavy excavation on the old forums. It seems to me that Sgt. Olson was the closest thing to a Noble Prize in Literature Laureate in the 29th.


    March 11, 2007, 04:31:15 AM

    Has already been put on these forums and even so, I don't think it belongs to this thread. Try the Just Quotes thread.

    To keep on topic, the best part of the 29th is the drills! The drills are all very fun and I love them ;)

  • The best thing? Probably my contributions to the music thread. ;)

  • Probably the unwavering shenanigans that happen throughout BP3

  • The fact that i can use real life military tactics in A3 and it works, where the whole squad or platoon can work together to succesfully complete a mission

  • The puns. Definitely the puns.

  • @PFC Gillam said:
    The puns. Definitely the puns.

    This the 29th time that you've said this to me, Gillam! ;) ;) ;) ;)

  • Having privates move out of the way for you in a line definitely

  • @PFC Plumbley said:
    Having privates move out of the way for you in a line definitely

    Having the rest of the squad move out of the line ;) Just kidding.

    From a squad leader's perspective, I'd say that it's awesome that even though you don't know the people in your squad personally, it feels as though you do and you learn to trust them quite a bit.

    From a Drill Instructor's perspective, seeing people you have trained becoming PFC's, NCO's or even officers is so rewarding.

    Overall I think the best part of the 29th is the fact that you aren't judged on your ability in game or who you are. Everyone is friendly towards each other and it's something very unique.

  • The best part has definitely got to be getting session banned 3 times during drills due to your useless ISP :(

  • @PFC Alan said:
    PFC Plumbey why?

    It was sarcasm

  • The best part of being in the 29th?

    The fact that even if you are a *** **** annoying and ******** ******** when thing don't go your way, there are still people who will help you out to sort your problems.

    This time it was with getting mods to work in A3 to be able to attend drills. Way back in the past, it was about someone listening to my problems and telling me it will be just fine. And it did just that.

    It is about being brothers. Plain and simple. That is also why I came back. You can't experience this anywhere else.

  • Our accents? haha

  • When you spend 2 days, nearly 24 hours, on modeling and texturing stuff in Blender just because of dedication...

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    @WO1 Lagenbrunner stopping me and @PFC de Crom during the middle of a live round to do about 5 minutes of pistol CORDs and then taking us on a valiant charge to the German trenches.


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