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  • PFC Anderson: T5 do you teach the recruits to drop out in BCT ?
    T5 Kouters: Why would I teach recruits to drop out of BCT ?
    PFC Anderson: Why don't you teach them to drop out in BCT ?
    Me: not in that way T5 .... mutate drop.

  • PFC Holmes: "I'm a precision kind of guy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

  • This quote is from Facebook, but I had to post it here:

    T/5 Pinto: Dude... Tetris has more gameplay than this "game". Actually, I would go as far as to say that even our drills have more stuff happening than it will ever happen in One Man's Lie.

    PFC Thomas: Dude we can sell our drills for $80 and they would receive better reviews than One Man's Lie

  • (After encountering the Tyranid Hive Lord)

    Castor: "A magnificent specimen, don't you agree Merrick?"

    Adrastia: "You admire the horror, General?"

    Castor: "Indeed. Its head will go nicely in my trophy collection. Aim low."

    (After defeating the Hive Lord)

    Castor: "This beast is strong but strength is no match for intelligence and resolve."

    Merrick: "Or large caliber explosive rounds, for that matter."

    Castor: "Now you're getting into the spirit, Sergeant Major."

  • Nieminen: "Bangers and mash, crazy brit foods"
    Millin: "Just got session banned for my ping"
    Plumbley: "Same happens to me all the time"
    Nieminen: "Its gotta be a brit thing, bangers and session ban"

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    During drills

    Me: "Who drove my tank away?"

    ??: "It drove itself there!" (from the distance)

    Got Herbie as Tank it seems

  • After Co. Drills

    PFC Woody: Man.. I can't believe I didn't know about hitting your shift key would zoom in more.
    PFC Pruett: Yeah, good job on finding that.
    PFC Sanches: Yeah, did you know you can cook your grenades?

    Everyone is S3 began to die with laughter.

  • After CP2S3 Drill:

    PFC van Gastel: "Reflection test!"
    Throws nade
    PFC Jonasson: "Jokes on you, I'm suicidal!"

    RIP - PFC Jonasson, 1998 - 2016

  • Nieminen: I've had so much beer
    Nieminen: help
    Nieminen: i think bread is forming in my stomach

  • For those who use Snapchat

    T/5 Lacey: Imma take a picture of her snap with my tablet
    T/5 Lacey: So she doesnt know I took it
    PFC Ismael: m8 just screenshot and forward it to my snap
    T/5 Lacey: She'll know I screenshotted though
    PFC Ismael: how?
    T/5 Lacey: Cos it shows up when you screenshot a snap??
    PFC Ismael: what
    PFC Ismael: thats a thing?
    T/5 Lacey: YES
    PFC Ismael: RIP me
    T/5 Lacey: XDDDDD
    PFC Ismael: i screenshot alot
    PFC Ismael: no wonder these girls dont talk to me anymore

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    @T/5 Lacey hilarious hhahahha

  • "I sexually identify as an Apache attack helicopter"

  • @PFC Fogh and I respect your decision killer from the sky

  • PFC Neaux in TS with a couple of PFC's and two Pvt.'s
    "Oh wow, Daryl is level 99, everytime I think of Pvt.'s I think they are idiots?!"
    Pvt. Knezevic: awwwwhhh :((((

  • "If you die - I survive. Simple as that!"

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    "Im a big hairy toe"

  • After telling team of an amazing plan
    PFC Henson: "No reMORSE"

  • PFC Danberg: and a banna
    PFC Egholm: ...
    PFC Egholm: keep that banana to yourself
    PFC Danberg: awrrr
    PFC Egholm: but it fits so nicely inside you
    PFC Danberg: like you been doing stuff
    PFC Egholm: what 0_o
    PFC Danberg: hahah

  • PFC Gillespie(In a joking manner): Oh, you're here, I thought you were killing kittens.
    PFC Atkinson: I wish.
    PFC Gillespie: Oh, so you want to kill kittens?
    PFC Atkinson: Oh, I thought you said petting kittens!

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    There's a lot of stuff I want to quote from this but here's the whole website instead! Take notes, chaps!


    "A Purple Heart just proves that were you smart enough to think of a plan, stupid enough to try it, and lucky enough to survive."

  • Don't be conspicuous. In the combat zone, it draws fire. Out of the combat zone, it draws sergeants.

    My favorite one so far!

  • PFC Bruer: "how many suh dudes does it take to screw in a lightbulb... none cos it's already lit fam"

  • During pubbing, I'm axis PFC Bye was allies

    PFC Bye: Olsen, can we be friends?
    Me: If you share some of your oil money, sure.
    PFC Bye: Ofcourse
    Me: Nice
    PFC Bye: Don't shoot me, i'm comming to you.
    Me: Looking behind me Damn you scared me!
    Then we just shoot each other teammates together, so that's was fun.

  • PFC Bae: "No, seriously guys. He's legitimately hacking."

  • DEAD Snoopy : noob teab

  • T/5 Kouters and me was looking at russian APCs and such

    PFC Egholm: Look at this one (BTR 80 with around 25 russians on top)
    T/5 Kourters: OMG yes, i would love to own one, that woulde be so SLAV

  • Cpl. Peroni: "In the 29th we have a fetish for bushes"

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    -"What's beeping?"
    A few seconds later
    -"The spinning things at the top fell off"
    - Cpl. Judge, while piloting a helicopter in Arma 2

  • "Thank you, it's shiny and .30cal."
    -Sgt. Pokelemba in response to me telling him I'm not going to take away his .30cal M1919A4 machine gun.

  • Also famous last words by Sgt. Poklemba, after realizing the enemy tank was not where he had last heard over comms. "NO HE ISN't!" BOOM!

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