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My ROID: 76561198006565329
Which Game were you banned on? The Darkest Hour
Date/Time of Ban: 7th june 2017
Name you used when banned: BogdaBro
Admin who banned you: T/5 Orhan [29th ID]
Why were you banned: Using game chat for offtopic discussion. During the game on Merderet assault we couldnt break through the choke point on the bridge. Since our team had seemingly no chance of victory, chat discussion evolved into political banter, as it happens when gameplay becomes less interesting and consists mostly of running and dying. To curb that problem T/5 Orhan [29th ID] issued a warning not to use game chat for topics other than current game. Unfortunately I might have made some comments of nature other than that. T/5 Orhan [29th ID] then issued a personal warning for me, stating that I should have been banned for my offenses, but he gives me one last chance. Thinking that I dodged a bullet, I thanked him and stopped posting at all. As it appears to me, he then proceeded to go through chat logs one more time because he proceeded then to say that I will be banned for a joke I made before he issued the personal warning for me. However I am not denying my guilt, I dont believe that taking a preventive countermeasures after I already changed by bahaviour was necessary. Morover, such a radical step as permanent ban should be considered too severe punishment for an offtopic discussion.
Why should you be unbanned: I want to apologize to 29thID team and everyone involved who felt like my chat posts were negatively influencing their in-game experience. I promise to change my ways and never engage in such a discussion again. Special thanks to T/5 Orhan [29th ID] who advised me to ask for mercy in this place.

EDIT: after speaking to T/5 Orhan [29th ID]: I know that the reason for ban was that he believes my comment (which was a joke refering to the colour of the smoke) was made after a specific individual warning given to me. As he explained to me, if the comment wasnt following a personal warning, the punishment would be just a kick. With all due respect I believe he is mistaken in that matter, as I am convinced that this comment was actualy made before the warning. If I am wrong, please dont assume I am lying to you, I am just asking to check the chat logs and decide whether factual basis for the ban was indeed correct.


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