Pick up Games Invites!!

Hello everyone!! I'm posting here today to invite you all (and any prospective members you may have) to come join us to play in our pick up game nights!

We host these at [b]Friday 8:00PM EST![/b]

These weekly recurring events generally consist of TE, SU, Skirmish game-modes, vanilla and custom maps. We allow clans to have priority slots over individuals. As in, if you even have a half squad of guys we will fit you in there.

The platform we use is Discord ( https://discord.gg/9qYXBB3 ) I am not aware of what medium you guys use. Although, you may use whichever as your team's medium, but I ask that under the event that you do decide to participate in the event, we require at least a liaison to come into the Discord to let us know things are a go.

My steam name: pr0n`discoBiscuit-
Our forums: http://pr0nst4r.com/forums/

We hope to see you guys organize and participate!!


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