Unbanned - Pvt.

ROID: 76561198022360434
Which Game were you banned on? DH
Date/Time of Ban: 2017-02-01, don't know the exact time
Name you used when banned: Pvt.
Admin who banned you: PFC. Verbruggen
Why were you banned: Reason: Didnt change his name when i told him to, warned him multiple times, kicked, returned, warned and kicked again.
Why should you be unbanned: I was playing the game and got really into the action as it was the best part of the match. Suddenly, I got notified by the admin to change my name. I believe at this point I responded and said that I'd change it as soon as the game was over. To this, I got no reply only a kick. Once that had happened I tried changing my name to what it needed to be however, for some reason it only showed the name "Pvt.", basically, I messed up the tags. Unaware of my name still not being correct, if I recall correctly I was warned once again to which I once more responded by saying that I'll get it done later as I couldn't hop off at that moment, I was lacking in time as it was already late. After that, no response was given and I got banned.

I don't want to come off as negative, all I wish is to be unbanned so that I may enjoy playing on the server once more.


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