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  • PFC Sanzotera

    2Lt. Kelso, I am interested in Wiki and have been since joining the 29th. I offered to write / edit years ago but it was an Engineer responsibility and I was never contacted or taken up on my offer. I have a number of suggestions and recommendations but I want to know what the approval sequence and submission route is before submitting my application. I am interested in the position and I am willing to make submissions / recommendations to whoever the approval authority is with or without approval of an application. I am a retired active army Major and have been a University School of Medicine Dept Director. I know and have written regulations and directives. I have a Masters Degree and I am a Certified Secondary School Teacher. As an active duty Officer I have held S2 and S3 staff position, Training and Contract evaluator and an R&D Project Officer with TECOM Armor and Engineer Board. I have commanded a BCT Training Company and been an Advisor in both Vietnam and Saudi Arabia

    February 16