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SSgt. Peroni [Ret.]


SSgt. Peroni [Ret.]
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  • Zeus69

    Hello, everyone.

    I am responsible for the French team[TnT] we want to have a friendly or official match against you, we are a team of 35 players, most of us are old red orchestra Eastfront, where we have also played German teams.

    With your permission, we would like to place the logo and a banner of your team over the link on our site.

    I'm waiting for your answer.

    Yours sincerely, Team[TnT]

    contact steam

    [block quota]

    Contact group

    October 2017
  • PFC Sanzotera

    Thank you Sgt Peroni for correcting me on my posting. I thought it was a "Discussion" board. I know the answer to using fixed MG's so it was not a question I asked for the rationale, not an answer to why I am not permitted to use fixed MG's even though the weapons usage says I can. Seems to be typical with the 29th what is written is not what is. Sorry for the error of my ways and the inconvenience to you.

    March 2017