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Maj. Cooke [Ret.]
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  • LordTrollingham

    Major Cooke I am terribly sorry to break the chain of command and come to you directly like this but at 10:37 I was kicked from the game for a second time and i have read the 29th forum rules and broke none of them, and it would seem like the highest ranking 29th member on at the time which i cannot find because the server list doesnt show the clan tags and I was banned without warning or any reason given, but i know i followed the 29th rules. your admins are kicking me and others just because they dont like what we say even though it is our 1st amendment right so long as we follow the guildlines of your server which i certainly have been, but whomever it is kicked me twice just becuase they didnt like listening to what i said, and I made sure i didnt say anything against the 29th rules. I am again so sorry for breaking the chain of command, but this is something that would never make it to you unless a player comes to you directly with it. the mods name is Pvt, and he never uses 29th

    April 2017
  • LordTrollingham

    Hello good sir, I was messaging to ask you if you could possibly look into revoking my ban from your glorious server, I understand that I was way out of line, and I am very sorry for that, I would hate to lose access to perhaps one of the greatest games ever simply due to a night of stupidity on my part. I am terribly sorry for my actions and I will only be a productive member of the community hence forth if you would be so kind into helping me get my ban revoked, ty and happy gaming.

    March 2017