Award (Alex S. Turner)

2Lt. Deb said:

T/5 Turner has been a member of Quartermaster for about three years now, and in this time has continued excellence in his work. As a standard Video Editor, he edited and returned processed and post-ready videos without errors in a hasty time. His ability to work quickly was a pleasant asset when having videos from reviewed to post-ready condition. In the past two years, T/5 Turner has become Senior Video Editor and has excelled in his abilities to make sure not only those below him were managing their tasks but also to continue to edit videos when necessary to keep the office able to post videos each week. In the past, due to a previous Senior Camera Crew being unable to fulfill his role, a backlog of Squad videos to be reviewed has been delaying the office. When brought up, T/5 Turner offered and reviewed multiple videos and was able to start getting them assigned to video editors. Not only was this extremely helpful but this was also completely outside of T/5 Turner’s normal workload. Reviewed videos posted by Camera Crews are not his job but even when help was needed, he stepped up and completed the task without mistakes.

More recently, T/5 Turner has been handling a lot of the video edits himself which goes above his normal duties. Within Quartermaster, the Senior Video Editor handles larger, more complex, videos and reviews the work done by other video editors below him as a part of our quality control. So, T/5 Turner volunteering himself to make these edits and get videos through to be uploaded has been really helpful with continuing our output of videos. Thank you for the work you have done T/5 Turner and congratulations on receiving your Armed Forces Service Medal.

well deserved


Congratulations! You’ve earned it! Always going the extra mile!