Award (Bud Martin)

Sgt. Meerts said:

Whenever Cpl. Martin isn’t busy leading his squad, he’s honing his craft of machine gunnery. And all that work paid off during the Platoon Drill of 8th September, 2022. In the third round, DP1S1 was tasked with defending the Charlie objective against a much larger force. And when the attackers approached the objective from an unexpected angle, most of the defenders were cut down when attempting to relocate. This left Cpl Martin and just 2 fellow defenders the task of fending off 14 attackers by themselves.

While Cpl Martin reorganized the remnants of his team on the upper floors, he set himself up on the bottom floor of his objective. Unable to retreat in time, he seemed resigned to the fate of being overwhelmed very soon. However, through an outstanding execution of an ambush, he took care of the first wave before any defender could respond. He then used a combination of excellent positioning and great reaction speed to pick off every defender that tried to clear the approach to the objective. And during all of this, he kept calling out enemy positions accurately, kept leading the team, and most of all, kept a cool head.

When all was said and done, Cpl Martin eliminated 12 of the 14 attackers, called out the remaining 2 to be picked off by his teammates, and kept himself and his teammates alive to the very end. In doing so, he clutched a victory for his team from the jaws of defeat, practically single-handedly. And so, I believe he has earned himself a well deserved Army Commendation Medal! Congratulations, Cpl Martin, and keep up those machine gun skills!


Congratulations Cpl. Martin, well deserved!

I’ll forever be haunted by the sound of that MG blasting down the corridor as i tried to hunt down the source of the echo. Straight out of a movie. Well earned.

Very well leading Cpl. Martin. Congratulations!

Hot damn! Well played Cpl. Martin!