Award (Byron Pantera)

2Lt. Tremblay said:

During their most recent BBoT’s match FP1S2 squared off against EP1S2 on Black Coast. EP1S2 started on the attack and came in quietly and quickly. FP1S2 had spread themselves thin in order to cover the defense area, counting on callouts to reposition once contact came. The result was that EP1S2 had an overwhelming manpower advantage as they breached the objective compound and came onto the first building. T/5 Pantera was the only defender in the area and he managed to secure two kills on the attackers stopping their quick advance in its tracks. Once they had slowed down he was still the only defender in the area, reinforcements had to shift to his position and the attackers pressed him again. He killed another attacker and slowed them down long enough for the team to reinforce his position and repel the attackers. In the Second Defense Round T/5 Pantera was instrumental in destroying the early push from the enemy CROWS MATV. He coordinated with T/5 Steinbeck and they destroyed the vehicle in a near perfect 1-2 punch from both their launchers with the rockets landing seconds from each other. This once again stopped the enemy advance cold. Any longtime CE can tell you the level of coordination and skill needed for such a play. Later in the match T/5 Pantera was essential in securing FP1S2’s victory on the attack. The squad had advanced into contact with EP1S2’s Northern Flank to distract them from a special team consisting of a sapper and rifleman to try and destroy the TOW from above with C4. Unfortunately this was not to be as the squad took heavy losses and lost the sapper team. After squad leadership had gone down; T/5 Pantera took initiative, pushed up, entered and cleared the building until he was in sight of the objective, and destroyed it securing them the victory. It is my opinion that without his contributions FP1S2 would not have won the match as decisively as they did and therefore his contributions merit recognition with an Army Commendation Medal.