Award (Christopher M. Cowles)

2Lt. Deb said:

During Company drills on June 4th, Technician, 5th Grade Christopher M. Cowles showed incredible skill and ability while defending against an overwhelming force. T/5 Cowles was stationed with his squad, protecting one of the two objectives. His squad took heavy losses when fierce combat started. T/5 Cowles was able to get multiple picks before falling back to a new position and communicating with the team about the events as they unfolded. As the rest of the team lost control of the second objective, T/5 Cowles and the small quantity of members were given big shoes to fill, stopping an enemy, which outnumbers their own, from capturing the final objective. All other members with T/5 Cowles would end up dying, but Cowles was able to successfully delay and stop the capture of the objective. He communicated what he heard, saw, and his actions with the team. He repetitively picked off hostiles, relocated, and picked off more. The hostiles tried their best to eliminate him but failed. T/5 Cowles would end the round with ten kills of the twenty-two on the enemy team. His actions were the sole reason for the victory of the defending team. With this, T/5 Cowles will be receiving an Army Commendation Medal.


Nice job Cowles!

Impressive work, truly commendable and well earned.