Award (Dakota N. Vermillion)

Cpl. Sablon said:

In PFC Vermillion’s time with the unit, he has accomplished a great many things. PFC Vermillion has made a name for himself in the Lighthouse Corps, becoming an Assistant Drill Instructor and an Enlistment Liaison, making sure that our new recruits are processed effectively and are trained well before they join the unit. On top of all that, PFC Vermillion has also become an AWOL Adjutant, adding to his already large paper workload. But, his one quality that outshines all others is his ability to consistently guest most of the other squads in Dog Company. If there is a drill running during the week, you can be sure that PFC Vermillion will be there to guest and help that squad out. This is a trait that leadership looks very highly upon, and I am glad to say that PFC Vermillion embodies this trait with ease. PFC Vermillion not only guests, but he hangs around afterward to give helpful advice and hang out with other members of the 29th. PFC Vermillion also makes his presence known in the Ordinance Corps by attending as many clinics as he can, especially the CE clinics. PFC Vermillion is a continually growing member of the squad, and leadership is more than happy to award him a Good Conduct Medal for his recent efforts in making his presence known through guesting. Congratulations PFC Vermillion on your Second Good Conduct Medal, very well done!


Well deserved Verm! Congrats!

Congratulations PFC Vermillion, very cool!

Good man Vermi! Congrats!