Award (Derek R. Johnson)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

PFC Johnson is a true veteran of DP2S3. Ever since the days of TSgt. Bruneau and 2Lt. Brenholen leading the way for S3, Johnson has always been there with stellar attendance. As a fellow Light AIT enjoyer, he’s also been the key in this squad’s CQC capabilities since 2019, and with his Sharpshooter Badge nearly in hand, I have no doubt this will continue. PFC Johnson regularly attends company drills and guests as well, a familiar face to everyone in DP2. Above all, however, he has just the best attitude ever. He always comes to drills with a high spirit and his nonchalant nature and charisma rival that of T/5 Chandonnet! Even if our squad is not successful on the battlefield, the atmosphere is always lighter with PFC Johnson around. An honest award fit for an honest man. Congratulations, PFC Johnson!


Congratulations PFC Johnson!

I am honoured to receive this award. I did not expect to earn such praise and I am humbled to receive it.

Hardly anyone deserve it more than you Johnson, lucky to have you in our squad!

Well earned Johnson