Award (DP1S4)

2Lt. Deb said:

DP1S4 has proven itself to be the top squad in Dog Battle of the Squads 2021. They battled in 5 matches and won every single one. They showed exceptional skill and ability in each of their matches. This squad dedicated themselves to hours of practice per week and were able to beat every other squad in Dog Company without losing a single match.


Cpl. Meerts
PFC Martin
T/4 Stachurski
T/5 Derbyshire
PFC Buravkov
PFC Demigo
PFC Friedrich
PFC Kopac
PFC Wieben
Pvt. Diskeyn
Pvt. Wolfe

Congratulations S4! You’ve earned it!

Very well deserved S4. I am really proud of what you guys are achieving and I can see more of that possible. Keep it rolling!

Congratulations and well deserved S4! Cpl. Meerts I am still waiting for my good-boi medal :wink:

Great work guys! We’ll get ya next year :wink:

well played fellas, congrats!

Congratulations DP1S4

you’ll be waiting a while . . .

Well done, congrats!!

Congratulations S4, you put on a helluva show!

Congrats gents! Great tournament

Congrats DP1S4!