Award (Eleos Peter)

2Lt. Tremblay said:

PFC Peter was deployed to the South West portion of our movement restriction during the first round of the BBOP finale between FP1 and FP2 alongside the rest of his squad. Their assignment during our first defense round was to act as a southern scouting / delaying action to try and both identify the direction of FP2’s attack then slow it should it come their way. We were fighting short handed on the day of the competition and FP2 managed to have the maximum allowed 5 man advantage.
PFC Peter took this personally and decided to single handedly annihilate that extra squad as though they had personally insulted his mother. FP2 sent a Squad sized element towards the south west corner of our defense zone which effectively engaged FP1S2.Thought the rest of his squad took casualties Peter himself remained steadfast and unflappable. He dispatched 4 people around the building he was holding. By doing so he slowed FP2’s advance and nearly eliminated their advantage early in the round. He was not done though. Showing excellent initiative and following his assigned mission later in the round to follow behind FP2 and become a “Pain in their rear” he continued on to get 3 more kills and harass their push on the intel table objective.
By the end of the round PFC Peter had amassed 7 kills in total and stonewalled FP2’s southern push in its entirety. By doing by himself what we would normally expect of an entire squad and being a shining example for all Riflemen in the 29th we find it fitting he be awarded a Bronze Star for his actions.

Congrats buddy! Keep up with the ass kicking!