Award (Ethan R. Kon)

SSgt. Gibson said:

In EP3S3’s BBOTS match T/5 Kon was set up in a position that was directly in the path of the attacking force. He fell back once the attack was identified and his first shots eliminated the attackers leadership. He then harassed the attackers as they approached the southern compound of the town killing 1 in the process. As the attackers started to pressure the defenders, T/5 Kon fell East and took up excellent positioning behind a berm. From here he killed 4 of the remaining 6 attackers. The final attacker made his way into the town as T/5 Kon moved North to kill the final attack as he moved between compounds. Small movements from T/5 Kon made it very difficult for the attackers to identify where exactly he was and due to his early kills on their explosive AITs, they did not have the ability to counter him. He virtually single handedly destroyed the entire attack through smart and methodical play.