Award (FP1S2)

FP1S2 has won the 2nd Battalion Battle of the Squads for 2023! They were outstanding throughout the competition, the squad was undefeated and only lost one round. With their victory FP1S2 has proven themselves as the best squad in 2nd Battalion and are being awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation. Congratulations FP1S2!


Cpl. Logan
Cpl. Dawn
T/5 Pantera
T/5 Steinbeck
T/5 Leite
T/5 Evarts
T/5 Knight
PFC Crawford
PFC Finan
PFC Peter
PFC Bishop
PFC Neilson

Congratulations, FP1S2! I had a blast playing against you guys, GG!

Congratulations T/5 Steinbeck on single-handedly defeating the entire 2nd Battalion